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MDout, Inc 506(c) Offering Platform


MDout, Inc. (“MDout”, or the “Company”), began operations on September, 2017 with the purpose of developing a unique health information portal, “”. The Company’s legal structure was formed as a corporation under the laws of the State of California on December 6, 2017. The primary executive managers of the Company are Mike Sarwari, Kelly Alberts, Dave Seltzer, and Sean Alemzadeh. is a new, unique health information sharing portal. allows users to view, share, upload and create specific private content as well as groups focused on specific or general health and wellness information. The site allows the proliferation of a wide variety of user-generated content as well as corporate-specific content. The content that is available in many formats such as videos, PDFs and HTML links that will be combined from reputable websites such as Medline plus, and other major health care websites. The company plans on launching its initial product in health clinics in California and will expand its offering across the United States.

MDout, Inc. was created in the heart of the Silicon Valley by founders with extensive industry experience in both technology and healthcare. The major goal of MDout is to improve peer to peer health literacy through individual experiences and quality of life. An essential part of the success of the project will be to set-up a vigilant content monitored portal focusing on empowering health organizations and individuals to be able to better find, manage, share and improve ‘real’ health and wellness information.

According to the CDW Healthcare survey, less than 30% of patients would give their healthcare providers an “A” for technology use, and 89% want easier access to their portal

MDout, Inc 506(c) Offering Platform


MDout is a dynamic new entrant in the Healthcare Education market. Through sales and marketing efforts including direct marketing, clinic visits, social media, and partnerships MDout has successfully demonstrated the ability to effectively acquire customers, with a goal of 1000 clinics within twelve (12) months of Series A round financing. Seed round financing through the founders has successfully seen the development of the MVP product which is now live at

Healthcare is the new .com rush as companies position themselves to take advantage of the tremendous growth and opportunities to bring healthcare up to speed with the rest of the technology world. The health tech revolution has clinics and healthcare systems scrambling to retain patients (customers) and keep costs under control. Focus has turned to preventative maintenance, patient education, and patient access to their medical history. These developments have created significant opportunities for innovative and nimble healthcare technology organizations. Enter MDout!


MDout’s vision is to build a Healthcare Education portal site, unlike anything currently in existence, and to combine this portal site with a unique and exciting product that will point both patients and providers to the MDout portal, while creating significant value for both parties. The definition of an Internet portal site is the primary destination that users access to start their experience on the Internet, for their particular point of interest. The MDout portal site will be the primary site for providers and patients to capture and exchange information both privately, and socially for any and all medical information needs. Our site is hosted on HIPAA certified servers, ensuring PHI security.

The Business Model will earn its revenues primarily from advertising activities and from other related promotions and sponsorship from reputable health content providers as well as medical and pharmaceutical companies. Product Features
  • Allows users to be able to easily view, share, upload and create new groups focused on health information
  • Provides a wide variety of corporate and user-generated content
  • Content will be in multiple formats; videos, PDFs and HTML links
  • Strict monitoring on public section of portal for inappropriate content
  • Only registered users will enjoy full access privileges

The MDout website allows ‘registered’ individual users to access specific, channeled, relevant and current medical content. In addition medical providers will be able to upload patient-specific content. Unregistered users will only be able to watch videos, read pdf content as well as HTML’s. Registered users will also be permitted to upload and share unlimited content privately. Any content that is deemed potentially inappropriate will be available only to ‘registered’ users and will not be allowed to be published to the public

Many studies have revealed that healthcare content is the second most-searched-for service online. With so many people seeking expert healthcare information, it is important to capture these searches with relevant and unique content.

—, Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends 2018 | January 9, 2018 will provide answers for consumers who are increasingly looking to go online for specific healthcare information.

MDout, Inc 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $25,000

Minimum Subscription: $25,000 (33,333 Shares)

The Company is offering up to 10,000,000 Shares of Common Stock at a price of $0.75 per Share, $0.001 par value. Upon completion of the Offering between 40,033,333 and 50,000,000 shares of Common Stock will be issued.

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MDout, Inc 506(c) Offering Platform

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